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Skyfall Film Review

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I’ve seen maybe all of two James Bond movies in my lifetime. The most recent that I can recall was back in 2001, I believe it was the second film, and I didn’t like it. It might have been because I was only 11 and didn’t really grasp the concept of the movie (which is probably that, most likely), but I never gave it another shot as I got older.

My mum wanted me to go see Skyfall and had been bugging me for weeks (since she saw previews). I kept saying no and how I don’t like James Bond - that he’s a womanizer and a whore and I just had no desire to see it…at all. Hell, I’ve only been able to drag her to see one movie in the last few years, and that was End of Watch (and that took begging). Otherwise, unless it’s a movie we both want to see, we don’t see films together.
Moving on.
So she managed to get me to go - it got me out of the house, which would have been spent working on my damn book that I’m stuck editing for content (unrelated). I tagged along, not looking forward to it, but I bit my tongue. Just sitting in the theatre for the previews, we’re chit-chatting, crying over the Les Miserables preview, and then she’s stuck through my fangirling as the preview for Iron Man 3 comes on. James Bond movies always start with an action scene and, I’ll have to say that, after that 15 minute scene before the introduction, I’m like, “…okay, so maybe this movie will be pretty good.”
Sat through the entire movie going, “Holy hell. This is pretty bad-ass.” Not that eye-sex Daniel Craig helped that in any way (ha~). With the plot, however, which I thoroughly enjoyed before Silva’s breakout, was stunning. It just got a little tiresome towards the end, because you had a basic idea of what was going to happen. I will admit that even I picked up what was there for the older fans versus the newer fans the producers were trying to get ensnared (the original car, for example).
While I refuse to budge from my stance that James Bond is a womanizer (not that it’s obvious, or anything!), the character is okay. Can’t say that 007 will be in my Top 10 Favourite Movie Characters, but I liked the character. Unlike characters in other action films, which are fairly relatable and you’re able to grow a sense of attachment to, I didn’t feel that way with Bond. That may also explain why I just consider him a decent character.
Now the new Q, on the other hand, I found adorable and likable. He reminds me very much of Matthew Gray-Gubler’s character, Reid, on Criminal Minds. My mother said the same thing once we got home. And Ralph Fiennes character, Gareth (or ‘M’), was amazing. Loved his character quite a bit. I won’t go into too much detail, but he action scenes during the court were what made me love his character.
Overall, the movie was very enjoyable for both new and old fans of James Bond, and was easily understood even if you haven’t seen the other 007 films. Will this make me go back and watch past films? I may give them another shot, now that I’m older and would understand what’s really going on in the films.


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