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Kungfu Panda 2 , kung fu panda part 2 , kung fu panda 2 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
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this 3D Fighting cartoon Movies might be a great movies for your children since it's full of humorous like the original Kungfu Panda in 2008.Here's some synopsis from movie insider about the general story line of Kungfu panda 2. The film continues the adventures of Po the Panda (Jack Black) and and his friends known as the Furious Five – Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey. This time the story follows Po who, whilst in search of other pandas, happens across a group of bandits. Gary Oldman will voice a character called Peacock who helps Po on his way but is more than he seems. Po will encounter Lord Shen a villain peacock whose minions are scores of ravenous wolves. Lord Shen is on his way to take over all of China and destroy kung fu with a powerful new weapon.

With the new visualization in 3D it seems, Kungfu panda 2 will be an interesting movies for this week. This is one of the best Family Packed 3D action cartoon comedy Movies this years. It was Shot and edited in 3D, the three-dimensional aspect is not just a gimmick but an organic part of the film. I also enjoyed the film's brisk pace that moves quickly as Po nears to fulfilling his mission.

this sequel to 2008's hit animated film about an unlikely martial arts hero returns to China, where Poand the rest of his kung fu clan must defeat a new villain who's armed with gunpowder and cannons. The movie's surprisingly poignant, sometimes serious story addresses the conflict between tradition and modernization, as well as Po's discovery of a long-hidden tragedy and his journey to accept an unusual upbringing. Not surprisingly, there's plenty of action -- including explosions, swordfights, and lots of kung fu fisticuffs. Scenes involving parent-child separation could also be upsetting for kids. Unlike the first film, this one is offered in 3-D, which can make some of the sequences feel more intense.


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