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Dum Maro Dum

Sunday, April 17, 2011













Dum Maro Dum Facts:


Director & Producer: Rohan Sippy

Story: Shridhar Raghavan

Music: Pritam

Cinematography: Amit Roy

Dum Maaro Dum is an upcoming hindi movie in Thriller category. The movie is being directed by Rohan Sippy and the startcast is as following: Abhishek Bachchan, Rana Daggubati, Prateik Babbar, Bipasha Basu and Aditya Pancholi.  The film is being shot in Goa. Deepika Padukone will leave everyone stunned by her item number in the movie. The song "Dum Maro Dum" is now shown on TV.

If we believe the bollywood experts, Deepika will leave "Munni" and "Sheela" far behind.. The song "Dum Maro Dum" has been composed by Pritam. After a huge success superhit of BluffMaster, Rohan Sippy and Junior Bacchan (Abhishek) are coming together in this film. The film is set to release on April 22, 2011, in both India and the United States.

Dum Maro Dum Story:
The story of the film moves around the six Indians who meet in Goa by chance. Their lives change drastically after the meeting. They all are trapped with mafias in Goa.  More story can be found once the movie is released.
Aditya Pancholi will also be in the film. The film's shoot has been progressing for several months in Goa.Deepika Padukone will be seen doing a scintillating item number for the film, on the remix version of the hit song "Dum Maro Dum". The song has been composed by Pritam. After delivering a superhit in the form of Bluffmaster, Abhishek Bachchan and Rohan Sippy are coming together in this film.The film is set to release on April 22, 2011, in both India and the United States.

The film revolves around the lives of six Indians who meet in Goa, India and how their lives change forever once involved in drug mafias. Goa. Paradise on Earth. But every Paradise has a few snakes.
Multiple lives collide brutally one day at Goa Airport… and change forever.

Lorry (Prateik Babbar): A student on the verge of following his girlfriend to a US University. But when his scholarship gets rejected, his life threatens to spiral out of control, until he meets a smooth talking hustler who promises to get it back on track. For a small price. His soul.

ACP Vishnu Kamath (Abhishek Bachchan): A self destructive cop fleeing his own past, Kamath is given the job of destroying the brutal local and international drug mafia in Goa. As he begins his ruthless, relentless campaign and takes on the murky drug world… he discovers nothing is what it seems.

DJ Joki (Rana Daggubati): A local musician and mute spectator to what is happening around him, Joki drifts aimlessly through life after an encounter with the drug mafia cost him everything he held dear. Today he discovers history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Will he finally have the guts to take a stand?

Zoey (Bipasha Basu): An aspiring airhostess who saw her dreams turn to dust, Zoey in a way represents Goa itself. A child of the hippy generation, a mix of local and foreign culture, innocence and beauty have gradually been replaced by cynicism and abuse.

Lorsa Biscuta aka the Biscuit ( Aditya Pancholi): A ruthless local businessman, the Biscuit has his finger in every Goan pie, legal or illegal. The point person between all the various Mafias operating in Goa, the Biscuit finds himself pushed to the extreme limit with Kamath's arrival. But he knows who to turn to:

A mysterious shadow: The ultimate drug kingpin. Many names, many identities but no one knows who he is.
We hurtle into the bylanes, beach shacks and raves of Goa with Lorry as his life spirals out of control, with Joki as he tries to redeem the past and with Kamath as he goes no-holds-barred after the mysterious shadow figure behind it all…
Punctuated with a soundtrack that moves from pulsating dance tracks to haunting Konkani songs, shot right in the midst of the teeming international tourist hotspots, Dum Maaro Dum takes you on a dramatic, thrilling trip filled with twists, turns, suspense… and a shocking finale!


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