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Friday, March 4, 2011

Audrina Cathleen Patridge born May 9, 1985,is an American television personality and actress. She is known for being one of the four original primary cast members featured on the MTV reality series, The Hills. She also hosts The Talent Contest Network,, and has starred in the films Sorority Row and Into The Blue 2.
Patridge grew up in Yorba Linda, California, the daughter of Lynn and Mark Patridge.
In August 2008, she purchased a house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Dell neighborhood. On February 22, 2009, Patridge's home was burglarized by two members of the Bling Ring.
In March 2008, nude pictures of Patridge were published online. "They were taken when I was just out of high school and beginning to model," Patridge has explained. "I was naïve, overly trusting of people, and inexperienced." Patridge alongside Heidi Montag are mentioned in the 2010 UK number-one single "Pass Out" by Tinie Tempah.
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Audrina Patridge made her small screen debut in 2005 as the fun and outgoing friend on the cast of the hit MTV series, "The Hills" (2006), a reality show which documents the lives of four young girls trying to make a mark for themselves in the fast pace, energetic city of Los Angeles. "The Hills" (2006) had the highest-rated telecast this year for MTV.
She happily accepted her role as the dear friend of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag in what was sure to be the beginning of her enticing career. Patridge has been a class act since she was a small child. Her grace and charismatic demeanor fuel her ability to light up the camera. Aside from her captivating film presence, Audrina is an accomplished artist and has been active in many activities such as martial arts, cheerleading, kickboxing and especially dance.
She honed her craft by participating in drama classes and private acting lessons, taking a job at Quixote Studios as she waited for her big break. Living a stone's throw away from the MTV production of "The Hills" (2006), Audrina was spotted sunbathing by the pool and asked by a producer if she would like to join the cast.
Justin and Audrina were dating a few seasons ago on The Hills, then they broke up. This season, Justin was hanging out with Kristin Cavallari, but he says she ain't it. Or Justin hints that Kristin is just a pal.
While Audrina partying it up at the popular Hollywood hotspot with her new man, male model Tyson Paige, the 22-year-old looked as if she had imbibed upon one too many.
Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan.
Some secrets
Audrina her height and weight to be 5′ 6″ and 119lbs.
Is allergic to cats, and once shaved Lauren Conrad's pet cat without telling her.Has signed on to be PETA's new angel in a new animal adoption ad.
The oldest of four children. She has two younger sisters, Casey Patridge Loza and Samantha Patridge. She has one younger brother, Mark Patridge.
Sister-in-law of Kyle Loza. Kyle is married to her younger sister, Casey Patridge Loza. The couple have two children: a daughter, Sadie Rain, and a son, Sam Draven.
Her parents names are Lynn and Mark Patridge.
Is of Polish and Italian descent.
She does not smoke.
She is right-handed.
She is a Christian.
She owns a Chihuahua.

Audrina lines
"It's best to have your own personal space until you consider marriage or are really in a serious relationship, and marriage for me right now is out of the question."
"Whenever our show is not airing, there are always rumors and assumptions made, but when the show starts airing, everyone will get back on track."
"Everything was fine when it was just me and you living together, and...[with] Lo in the picture, you're distant from me."
" He thinks I like him.   He thinks you like him?   Seriously, I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more. "


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