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Tapasee Pannu,tapasee pannu hot

Monday, February 7, 2011

Name: Tapasee Pannu
Age : 22 years
Birth Place : Ludhiana, Punjab
Vital Statistics
Height: 5′ 7.6″ (171.52 cms)
Bust: 32.5″ (82.55 cms)
Waist: 26″ (66.04 cms)
Hips: 35″ (88.9 cms)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hobbies: Dancing,Music
  • Pantaloons Fresh Face [2008]
  • Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin [2008]

Tapasee Pannu gently pushes her dense curls that tumble over her face and flashes her pearly whites. Her eyes sparkle, they are really something, it reflects the happiness within. Highly talkative, she doesn't take much time to get the other person chatty. "I don't crib, I'm high on life. After a year if I think I'm happy staying idle, I'll quit." she declares.Taapsee Pannu is an Indian model-turned-movie actress.

An ethnic Punjabi, she was a software engineer before pursuing modeling which eventually led her to acting. Appearing in several commercials, Taapsee also won Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face and Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin, during her modeling days.Tapsee Pannu appeared in various commercials including Butterfly mixie ad, Sun Network FM ad and Lakshmi Jewelers Ad.

There have been remarks that she's too chubby and the actress says she can't do much about it. She had asked her trainer to help her with zero percent fat and he explained to her painstakingly that even if she were to become size zero, she would look the same way as she is now. After Jhummandi Naadam, she tried kickboxing, "My focus in on to get a toned look, I will continue to eat healthy," she avers.

She made her acting debut in 2010 with K. Raghavendra Rao's romantic-musical Jhummandi Naadam and has signed half-a-dozen films in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam-languages.
she sleeps whenever she gets time! She says, "Yes, I hit the sack and snooze whenever I have time on hand. It helps me relax and unwind." But, Taapsee says she is passionate about dancing.

"Hobbies are for those who are idle. But, I have a passion that I cherish — dance," she says and adds, "I learnt kathak for 18 years and still practice it when I get time. I also trained under Shiamak Davar for almost four years; I learnt western dance. In fact, I'm qualified enough to teach dance to others."

The actress, who was in Vienna recently to shoot for a Telugu film, also says she's not too keen to debut in Bollywood. "I've started with really good roles in the south. If I have to debut in Bollywood, the script has to be equally good. I'm content doing Tamil and Telugu films," she maintains. We agree with you, girl!

fashion modeling
Tapasee Pannu Hot Photos In the world of fashion as soon as you reach the position you deserve you are likely to generate lots of money, therefore you need the right physical characteristics and looks. And there will be many people who admire you for your good looks and your talent.

Although it is a very challenging and competitive career, thousands of boys and girls dream of a successful model, but few can understand now what it takes to be in the company. It takes more than physical beauty or looks, you also need specific expression, feelings, which helps against tough competition in the world of fashion industry and the community of your competitor.

The company signed you can be assured that your face or body would help them increase their sales. You have to make a good impression in the market to where it is catering to. By hiring you as a model, the company expects you to make something seem attractive in your presence or encouragement.

Diet plan
: Eat only when hungry. Never overeat, especially avoid heavy dinners. Drink a lot of water through the day.

Beauty tips : Workout a lot as it opens up your body pores and keeps the flow of blood even through out the body.

Style statement : Keep it cute and casual. I love wearing funky casuals with lots of chunky accessories. I love bold bright colours and wear a lot of contrast clothing.

Success mantra : Keep your feet firm on the ground and head high. Never demand respect, earn it.

Tapasee Pannu Work Profile:

  • PVR Cinemas
  • Safi
  • Coca Cola
  • Motorola
  • UniStyle Image
  • Moolchand Hospital
  • Havells
  • Dabur
  • Avon
  • Apollo DKV Insurance
  • Vardhmaan
  • World Gold Council
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Airtel
  • GE Wizard Loans
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