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David Beckham hairstyles

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

David Beckham was born May 2, 1975, in London, parents Ted Beckham, an appliance repairman, and his wife Sandra, a hair stylist, David Beckham was the family's only son. A middle child between two sisters, Beckham grew up with parents and siblings who were committed fans of Manchester United, England's legendary soccer franchise.

David Beckham made $50,000 a day last year from endorsements

Beckham showed his own promise as a footballer, winning the coveted Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition at 11 years old. His talent soon caught the notice of Manchester United team officials, who asked him to try out for the club's youth league. By the age of 16, Beckham had left home and was playing for United's training division. Two years later he made the club, and by 1995 he was a full-time starter.

celebrities who most inspired British men's own hairstyles, beating out the likes of Take That star Gary Barlow and 'Twilight Saga' actor Robert Pattinson to take the crown.

John Vial, creative director of Fudge - the official hair care partner to London Collections: Men (7 - 9 January), who commissioned the survey - said: "From Kevin Keegan's perm to George Best's sideburns, footballers have always been powerful when it comes to influencing the hairstyles of the nation's men. It's no surprise that David Beckham is the modern man's hairstyle icon; his versatile styles are ultimately achievable by the man on the street. As a family man, a man's man and ladies' favourite, Beckham is always going to be aspirational."

Rounding out the top five were 'X Factor' judge Gary, 'Robert, Olympic cycling medallist Bradley Wiggins and Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

Bradley, 32, fended off competition from Brad and One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, indicating that his famous sideburns may be catching on with the male public.

John added: "It's no surprise that Bradley's mod cut has out-styled the likes of Harry Styles and Brad Pitt. The man of the moment's influence on the hair of the nation confirms that when a sportsman endorses something, it automatically makes it more masculine and ultimately, desirable. "

The research further revealed that a quarter of British men have secretly used their partner's hair products and they spend an average of 24 minutes perfecting their hair for a night out.

One third of men also admitted they are more concerned about going bald in their old age than getting wrinkles, grey hair or a beer belly. – Bang Media.Beckham wasted little time in making a splash on the English soccer landscape. The talented goal scorer was named the Professional Footballers' Association Young Player of the Year in 1997. A year later, he was one of the leading faces of England's World Cup team.

His bravado and good looks offered up plenty of off-field potential, too. In 1998, Beckham, who'd already signed a deal with Adidas, netted $13 million in endorsement deals. The Beckham brand only enhanced in value when he met Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams, in 1997. The two quickly fell in love, and on March 4, 1999, they had their first child, a son they named Brooklyn Joseph. Two months later, Beckham and Posh tied the knot at a lavish $800,000 wedding at a castle outside of Dublin, Ireland.

David Robert Joseph Beckham has a net worth of £160 million ($260m) as of April 2012,Beckham's London-based company, Footwork Production Ltd., paid the player and his staff $8.4 million (£5.7m) - 49 per cent less than the previous year.
The company’s revenue – which comes from endorsements from the likes of Pepsi, Adidas and Gillette, as well as from Beckham Brand Ltd., a company he owns with his wife, Victoria – fell to roughly $17 million (£11.4m), down for a third straight year.
According to a Beckham spokesman, these figures do not include the various other benefits he receive from the Galaxy, such as cuts from shirt and ticket sales or the $5.5m (£3.7m) base salary he receives.
Although these lowered numbers seem to imply that Beckham endorsement powers have diminished since his move from Real Madrid to the considerably less successful Galaxy, he is still clearly way ahead of any other player in the game.

List of endorsements, and counting:
Got Milk?
Marks & Spencer
Snickers Candy Bar
TBC Cosmetics


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