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Koena mitra biography , koena mitra bio

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Koena Mitra is actress and model in bollywood and she is recently she is an item number in India. She is basically from Bengal.
In here school days she was trained with ballet for 12 years and she know western dance , plays basket ball ,tennis.
While in here school life she pursued here modeling career. She took the city by storm conquering the stage and winning one of the biggest beauty pageants Gladrags Mega Model India 2003, she is runner up of miss intercontinental in Germany out of 84 countries.
She was in advertising like mirinda, clinic all clear, maruti alto, jewellery and beauty products; she was also modeled for many fashion weeks in millan and Beijing.
Koena was also featured in few music videos like “ishq”, “aaj ki raat”. She was stunningly appered in “musafir” and she completely stole the show.
Koena mitra recently put here self into tip of knife to make here seductive, she altered here nose and lips to make here hotter. Plastic surgery gone wrong almost forced the actress to remain indoors for six months during which she lost out on two films.
Koena explains, “I didn’t get a nose implant done. It was a mere filing. Early 2008, my cheekbones puffed up and I started looking totally different. Suddenly, I realised that I couldn’t smile. My cheekbones hurt if I smiled.”
Koena workouts , she says she workout every day , one and half hour she mainly concentrates on toning than putting wait or losing in different parts.
“I can’t understand why being single for an actress, who is perceived to be hot, is such a difficult thing for people to accept.”
“My boyfriend found my success hard to digest. I therefore decided to not to continue doing things that would only satisfy his ego. After sometime I felt he was becoming a burden on me. I was finding it difficult to answer all his nagging questions. ”
“Post marriage, I would prefer to give ample time to my hubby and household work rather than working in films. I would quit Bollywood the moment I decide to tie the knot.”
“Spirituality is a very relative term. It is more of a personal belief. I believe in Ma Kali and Durga. If I am in Mumbai I visit the temple every Saturday. It is like a feel good factor. Having said that, I don’t think people who go to temples are more religious or something.”

Koena Mitra has now added another tattoo on her left ankle. She already sports a tattoo on her waist and finger. "It is red and black. It's like a chain with the thorns in the shape of spiky hearts in the knots. I didn't want to do a big tattoo or faces or motifs.
This way, I can keep them hidden when I want to."
 "My belly chain tattoo took over seven hours to be made but the ankle tattoo was more painful as it was more over bone and muscle.It was done by Abhinandan Basu, who has a very steady hand and is extremely fast - yet I had to keep taking breaks as the pain was unbearable at times."

Item numbers
·         Khullam khulla
·         Dhool
·         Shaasi No.1
·         Heyy baby


  1. Amogh said...:

    she is very bold, i like here dressing sense.
    she is my dream girl.. she has good shape(figure).
    when she wears long cleavage, my heart fall in middle of the legs... i love here.
    i love this blog too.. give more info about atcress like this

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