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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tamil film Kandasamy is under production. Chiyaan Vikram and Shriya playing the lead roles. As per sources, this film would be of Indian version of "Robin Hood" type of movies. This movie is produced bilingual and in Telugu they titled as "Mallanna". Kanthasamy directed by Susi Ganesan and produced by Kalaipuli Dhanu. The crew had spent nearly Rs 15,000 for every single invitation for the official launch of the movie. The electronic invitation made in china was the main attraction among the guests at the time of launch. Devi Sri Prasad compose music for the film and this film is a big one for Devi. The film would reach theatres on May. Director Susi planned to shoot the film in Kenya but due to local problems in Kenya the cast and crew went on to Mexico to suit major song sequences. The Mexican locations will be new to Tamil film fans. Indrajith, elder brother of Hero actor Prithviraj, playing the Villain role and it would be an added advantage to the film as Tamil fans seeing the same Villains for years.
Vikram has acted in many films. In this, he will look young and stylish. He has really worked very hard for this film. If I say it would be good he lost a little weight, he would appear slimmer soon enough. I'm astounded by his involvement. The fight and emotion scenes are astounding in the film. Similarly, Shriya looks more beautiful than she has ever been in her films.
There are only 7 more days of shooting left and post production work is going on. We have to shoot Vikram's flashback scenes. We plan to release the film in April or May," said Susi Ganesan.
If I tell you where the story started, even you will be surprised. Do you know there is a post box for god in Jerusalem? Even I was as surprised as you. The letters written by the poor folk and dropped in the box will be displayed on the wall by the temple authorities. Once it's up, there's a belief that god will take care of us. A thought struck me. Why write to god? When what they want is not fulfilled, or turned down, poor people usually turn to god, who is the symbol of all their trust and beliefs. I thought our film's hero could also be a god like figure like that. One who considers another's problems as his own and solves them is also like a god. That's the story.


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