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Anaganaga O Dheerudu

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Directed by     Prakash Kovelamudi
Produced by     Prasad Devineni
Prakash Kovelamudi
Written by     Choudekar Haricharan Madnoor
Starring     Siddharth
Shruti Haasan
Lakshmi Manchu
Music by     Salim-Sulaiman
M. M. Keeravani
Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography     Soundar Rajan
Editing by     Shravan Katikaneni
Studio     A Bellyful of Dreams Entertianment
Distributed by     Walt Disney Pictures

Country     India
Language     Telugu
Budget     Indian Rupee ₹27 crore

i hope this may be daily soup so i can enjoy this every weekend..

Anaganaga O Dheerudu features the story of a sorcerer Irendri (Lakshmi Manchu) who lives on the blood of a gypsy girl (Priya), the last in her tribe. One drop of such blood energises her and she is in a quest to become supreme. There is a parallel plot. A little girl Moksha (Harshitha) is accosted by a blind warrior Yodha (Siddharth) to save Agartala, the kingdom and it's children which is under Irendri's spell. The onus is on the warrior to save both Moksha and Priya who have been imprisoned.
The first fifteen or twenty minutes have the story moving briskly, but thereafter it is a series of episodes of either Moksha being lifted or Priya by the sorceress's men. In between you are treated to a story of how Yodha falls in love with Priya and how he is blinded by Irendri's soldier. The film is just a magnificent feast of sound and sight and one watches the plot unfold with indifference. It springs to life only when Ravi Babu appears and intensfies the conflicting point. The casting of the film is perfect but the content is devoid of emotion, you watch it move without getting involved with the proceedings. If you are left without feeling jubilant over Irendri's destruction in the finale then where is the story heading to?

Splendid costumes, make-up, graphics, settings dominate the story. Shruti Hassan isn't as beautiful as her mother Sarika but she is a lithe, lissome mannequin. The dubbing doesn't gel, isn't in sync with her lip movement but you overlook it as the lady exudes a fresh feel. One cannot comment on Lakshmi either, she has very few scenes, nothing much to do but she impresses with her walk and look. Her voice, her accentuated eyes are an asset to the film without which the film would have been a zero. Her broad forehead helps in making her look evil. It is her brief appearance which hangs on in your memory after you leave the theatre.


Irendri (Lakshmi Prasanna) is a sorcer player, who captures sarpa sakthi (serpent power) and tries to terrorise people of Anga Rashtram. So, a guru arrests her and doesn't allow her to play with the lives of people and destroys her. Even before she was destroyed with the sarpa sakti, Irendri takes her soul away and traps in a locket. Though she dies, her soul (atma) lives in the locket. Her great great grand daughter is Priya (Shruti Hassan) and she lives as a gypsy.
However, she too possesses some magical powers, as she was born into a sorcerers' family. Yodha (Siddharth) is a person who always lures girls and romances with them at whenever there is opportunity. He is smitten by Priya's beauty and falls in love with her. Sudigundam (Ravibabu) is a local goon and he attacks the gypsies' village. Yodha prevents him and defeats him in a fight. However, Sudigundam makes another attack and ties the hands of Yodha and sets afire the entire village.

In this process, the locket in the neck of Priya falls down and Irendri's soul comes out with the touch of fire. The sarpa sakthi tells her that she could gain power with the drop of blood of Priya. So, Irendri takes away Priya and imprisons her. Meanwhile, Yodha turns blind as Sudigundam pierces his eyes. However, Yodha gets saved by a swami (Subbaraya Sharma) and appoints to save a girl named Moksha (Baby Harshita), who has divine powers. Irendri, in order to take revenge, attacks Agartha, a village in Anga Rashtram and make the children of the village senseless.

Druki (Ramji) goes to Pushpagiri to bring Moksha, who could save their children. So, Druki, Yodha and Moksha start from Pushpagiri and reach Agartha. At this juncture, the sarpa sakti tells Irendri that the blood of Moksha would make her Maha Sakti if it was taken by her on lunar eclipse day. So, Irendri sends her men to capture Moksha. But Yodha kills all of them. Irendri again sends Sudigundam, the commander-in-chief, to bring her. Yodha follows them in search of Moksha and finds that Priya was alive and saves both Moksha and Priya. Moksha with her divine power brings back Yodha's vision. Then, Yodha decides to completely destroy Irendri as she is trying to harm people and succeeds in the climax.

any of song is not catchy.songs dint help the movie to boost. There are quite a few songs in the film which like the locales are varied in melody and sound. With an ensemble of four music directors -- M M Keeravani, Koti, Salim-Suleiman and Mickey J Meyer -- it's bound to be so. Salim-Suleiman's background score is good and effective in enhancing some scenes well. So is the case with the stunt masters orchestrating the fights.


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