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manmadhan ambu, manmadha banam

Monday, February 7, 2011

The story revolves around 3 characters and so is the Title related to these 3 important characters. Madhana Gopal (Madhavan)loves Ambhujan (Trisha) but they break upon the suspicious nature of Madhan. Madhan is still in love with Ambu after few years and wants to know if Ambu too feels the same. One of his friend (Ramesh Arvind) recommends him a detective who is a former Commando Major named R.Mannar (Kamal Haasan). Mannar is appointed by Madhan to track Ambu and find out her feelings for him. Thus, the 3 important characters are Madhan, Ambu and Mannar and so does the title depicts MANnarMADHAN AMBU.

The major tracks Ambu and comes to know that she is an actress now and is going for a film shooting on a cruise for 7 days. Mannar too joins the cruise as he too is having 7 days to solve the case. Rest of the film shooting is done on a luxurious cruise. Ambu's friend Deepa (Sangeetha) who is a divorcee too joins the cruise with her two kids and suspects on Ambu and Mannar. There are many hilarious and interesting flashbacks roped in he story. In the end everything gets cleared up and they live happily together.
Each of the scenes is well placed and draws the audiences into each characters life. Trisha is the most lovable character. Her scenes as a movie star are perfect. She is best in the scene which shows her discomfort with the presence of her lover on the sets of shooting, her outburst while communication on phone was also admirable. Madhavan's scene in drunken state is superb. 

Sangeetha portrays the practical women of today era. And in the end Kamal, who just molds himself from normal to casual to a serious guy effortlessly. His entry in the film is showcased after 20 minutes, but it adds such small touches that makes total difference and will give you an idea of what is called screen presence.

Technically the film is superb; screenplay is good with perfect editing. A cameraman has given a fresh look to the film. No dull moments for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The shots taken on the cruise are amazing and the sound effects used gives audiences an experience of cruise.
Devi Prasad's music is melodious. Neela Vaanam is shot in an innovative manner, whereas Thagudu Thagudu … seems to fit the situation perfectly.
Once again Kamal Hassan and KS Ravikumar has proved that their combination is the most deadliest one and together they can give some of the biggest hits of the industry including the latest one in their kitty, Manmadhan Ambu. The film casts Kamal, Trisha,Madhavan, Sangeetha, Urvashi in main leads. This is for the very first time that Trisha is appearing in a Kamal Hassan's film whreas It is second time for Madhavan after his one of the critically accalaimed hits Anbe Sivam with Kamal. Suriya and 'Kalavani' Oviya too are present in the film with guest appearances. Suriya will be seen shaking his leg with Trisha in one of the situational song 'Oyyale'.

Kamal's style of rendition is same as in his yesteryear album 'Vasool Raja MBBS' for the song 'Love Pannada'. The lyrical lines by Kamal Haasan are funny yet realistic. Sounds like the title song and can we expect Kamal Haasan shaking legs after a long time. Lines like – Rich man pay Crores of contribution to God and bargain for vegetables. It's sure to be a chartbuster for this season. Devi Sri Prasad's usual tactics of beats and instrumentals are good.

Neela Vaanam
The best number of this album and you'll fall in love with it over the first time of listening. After a very long time, we hear a fantastic duet from Kamal Haasan as he had no space for such numbers after 'Vettaiyadu Vilaiyaadu' that was released before 5 years. Again, it's Kamal Haasan's lyrics are excellent and his vocalism is flawless. Devi Sri Prasad has exerted all his efforts for this number. It's sure to be the anthem of every couple across the towns.

The actor who has a passion for Tamil language has penned lyrics for a couple of songs in the upcoming flick 'Manmadhan Ambu'. The entire crew was not able to stop thanking Kamal Hassan for writing extremely well for the songs.
Devi Sri Prasad has scored music for the tracks and Kamal didn't stop from being a lyricist he also extended his support by being a great singer, lending his voice for a couple of tracks.

Manmadhan Ambu album has already topped the charts of the music market and getting good response from the audience.

Audiences has casted their vote for Kamal's lyrics and don't miss to listen to the audio tracks.


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