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Rapunzel TangleD

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Characters and Cast Voice: TangleD
1. Rapunzel - Mandy Moore
2. Flynn Rider - Zachary Levi
3. Mother Gothel - Donna Murphy

4. Hookhand - Brad Garrett
5. Ron Perlman
6. Lord Jamie - Jeffrey Tambor
7. M.C. Gainey
8. Paul F. Tompkins

As of my personnel perception about the movie is thatà I really fallen love with that princess, she is so cute , gorgeous ,stunning and love able.
Lets talk about movie the animation work is great, the song which is sung is good but I felt its just a little rough voice for that cute girl .
Story which I understood is like this à
TangleD" jumps off with the classic story of Rapunzel – a princess whose mother nearly died during pregnancy. She is healed by a magical plant, stolen from the evil Gothel, who has been using the plant as a fountain of youth, of sorts. The child – Rapunzel – is born healthy, and the healing powers have been transferred from the plant to the baby. Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel, raising her as her own daughter locked in a tower.
The movie tells this tale as a preamble of sorts in the first few minutes, in a manner that feels a little too rushed. Audiences could have used another five minutes spent here.

TangleD's storyline picks up a few days before Rapunzel's 18th birthday, when Rapunzel has finally decided to ask to leave the tower to get a closer look at the mysterious lights that appear in the sky each year on her birthday. Gothel, of course, refuses this request, but a chance encounter with thief Flynn Rider makes Rapunzel decide to take a chance and leave anyway.

On the journey to the Festival of Lights (which is held every year in her honor, though she doesn't know that yet), Rapunzel encounters all manner of thugs and thieves and eventually discovers that the biggest villain in her life is the woman she thought was her mother.
Though the themes of this movie could be disturbing to kids (and parents) – disobeying your parents, kidnapping, an evil mother figure – I didn't find there to be enough emphasis on these story elements to really make a big impression on kids.

The major theme that comes through is that everyone (well, everyone except Mother Gothel) deserves a second chance, and even thieves and thugs can be reformed.
Overall, I think the story is excellent. The pacing is good, other than the rushed backstory. The script is clever, and there was lots of humor for the adults in the audience. I and others in the theater laughed out loud several times.
I found the songs in TangleD to be forgettable. the folk dancing and festival of lights scenes when Rapunzel finally gets to the kingdom is gorgeous.
The movie's original director, Glen Keane, based the animation style on French Rococo paintings, particularly those of Jean-Honore Fragonard, and the movie does have an oil painting feel. The Festival of Lights scenes are particularly visually stunning.

And speaking of replacements, there were a lot of twists and turns in getting TangleD to the big screen. The original cast included Tony winners Kristin Chenoweth, Dan Fogler and Grey DeLisle as the main characters – Rapunzel, Flynn (whose name used to be "Bastion" – another twist) and the villain Mother Gothel. Those characters were ultimately played by Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy. Perhaps the Tony winners weren't thrilled with the songs, either.

Disney has been under a lot of fire for the name change, but I think "TangleD" is an incredibly clever title for the tale of Rapunzel and her incredibly long hair.
TangleD is picked story from a "German Fairy Tale - Rapunzel" written by 'The Brothers Grimm'. 

Director:- Nathan Greno and Byron Howard
Producer:- Roy Conli
Executive Producer:- John Lasseter, Glen Keane and Philip Lofaro
Writer:- Dan Fogelman
Fairy Tale Writer:- Brothers Grimm
Narrator:- Chris Collins
Music:- Alan Menken
Lyrics:- Glenn Slater
Editor:- Tim Mertens
Studio:- Walt Disney Animation Studio
Distributor:- Walt Disney Pictures
Country:- USA
Language:- English

Rapunzel, the loving daughter, the lost princess of Corona, the girl with the magic hair. Things had been wonderful since Rapunzel was reunited with her real parents. But of course nothing lasts forever, as when the portal opened up she was once again taken from them, and even taken away from her thief, Flynn. Now her memories are starting to slip away, slow but surely she won’t be able to remember a thing. However, she still retains her sweet, naive, creative personality.


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