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Friday, December 24, 2010

Why did you disappear after Go? I took time off to analyze and study myself. I worked on my diction and dialogue-delivery during the course. I signed on Agyaat after a long time because it gave me some scope to perform.
After most of your RGV films turned out to be debacles, do you still hope that Agyaat will resurrect your career? Definitely. We do films with the hope that they become successes, right?
What's sexier: Nisha or Priyanka? Definitely Priyanka, it was a mistake to have chosen Nisha for a name. I was new in the industry and everyone asked me to have a new name. Hence I went with my screen name in James that was Nisha. My father got agitated and asked me to change my name immediately.

Did anything in the jungle scare you while shooting? Yes, I was living with 10 lizards and five frogs in my room. This was in the jungles of Sri Lanka. One day a monkey entered my room and stole my jewellery box. I guess one Sri Lankan monkey is very rich today.Are you comfortable being called 'hot' and 'sexy'? Of course, people call me cute, hot, pretty and sexy because I am all that on screen.
 But in real life I am a bundle of emotions. I am a director's actor and I do whatever the director demands of me for the role.Wearing bikinis is not about having a slim figure. It is about having the right body language and facial expressions. Most heroines wear bikinis these days, but it is not everyone's cup of tea. And those who have a problem with me wearing a bikini, are simply jealous of me. Obviously because they cannot carry the look. But in real-life, I can't even wear a mini skirt; I'm very self-conscious and I transform in front of the camera.


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