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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nayantara was born on November 18th, 1984 in Thiruvalla town of Kerala. She was born to parents Kurian and Omana Kodiyattu in a Tiruvalla based Christian family and was named Diana Kurien. She was in fact interested to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) and she was not serious about full-fledged acting career.

Nayanthara was chosen 1st runner up in the Best model 2003 conducted by Thrissur Kerala Advertising Club.
Nayantara was born in Bangalore, Karnataka as the youngest daughter to Malayali parents, Kurian Kodiyattu and Omana Kurian Her brother, Lenu, who is nine years elder to her, lives in Dubai.
As her father was an Indian Air Force official, she studied in various parts of India, mainly in North India. A Knanaya Catholic by birth, she did her schooling in Jamnagar, Gujarat and Delhi. 

Following his retirement, they settled in Kerala, where she continued her college studies, at the Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in Kerala. In Tiruvalla, she studied at Balikamadom Girls Higher Secondary School and then attended Marthoma College for her bachelor's degree in English Literature.

 She is a good-looking and gorgeous and has even won Best Model Award of Kerala in 2002. This Gave her Few opportunities in modeling for adverisements.Subsequently she debuted in Mansinakkare, a movie by director Satyan Anthikkad and cast Opposite Jayaram.

Movie Career

She made her debut role in Malayalam film Manassinakkare 2003.
started her career as a model.  That was a big break for her and she gave up her idea of becoming a CA and concentrated in films. 

Though she was very young in age as well as in movies, she got opportunity to play alongside renowned south Indian actors. She acted with Mohanlal in Vismayathumbathu (2004) and Natturajavu (2004), with Mammooty in Rappakal (2005) and Thaskara Veeran (2005), and with Rajnikanth in a blockbuster movie Chandramukhi (2005), with Surya in super hit Ghajini (2005), and with Nagarjuna in Boss (2006). She did an item number in Rajnikanth starrer Shivaji (2007) which become a huge success at box office and she is very happy about her contribution even though that was an item number.

This talented beauty has successfully carved a niche in south Indian movies, and has a huge fan following there. She has many upcoming projects lined up with exciting roles with big actors. Her talent, sexy look, voluptuous body, and attractive features will definitely help her rule the industry for long.

At just the age of 21 years, Keralite Nayanthara has acquired the reputation of acting opposite male actors who are almost twice as old. She starred in her first Malyalam film opposite Jayaram, and then in "Chandramukhi" with renowned Indian actor Rajnikanth, then with other aging actors like Sarath Kumar, Mohanlal, and Mammotty. Now she has been cast to play the lead role in a much younger Simbu's directorial debut, in which he also has the lead role.
Nayanthara and Simbu's intimate life-sized posters created shock waves in Chennai, which were subsequently pulled down by the police. Similar excitement resulted when glamorous life-sized posters were posted all over Chennai - this time with her co-star S.J. Surya.

With her attractive looks and talent, it is no wonder that she is one of the most popular actresses in the Tamil film industry.
Nayanthara involved in so many character roles before entering into the Tamil cinema, Nayanthara's role in Chandramukhi got her break through in her career.
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Controversies about Nayanthara 

The controversy was first Nayanthara, Nayanthara with Simbhu. The news That Silambarasan Nayanthara is married, was the talk of Tamilnadu one week of time. But at the end That news about Nayanthara and Simbhu was found a faulty news. But still, the controversy about with Simbhu Nayanthara has been on the desk. 

The second and recent controversy is about Nayanthara,Nayanthara is married the Tamil film director, dancer and hero Prabhu deva.
 Prabhu Deva Nayanthara and worked together in the Tamil movie Villu. After the Villu film released, the news, Nayanthara's marriage with Simbhu Came out and still it has been a puzzle. The tattoo on Nayanthara's hand with Prabu Deva's name has geared up the controversy.

Silambarasan aka Simbhu is a Man Who plays the original manmadha leelas in real life and make Nayanthara That happened to get separated from uterus. The real fact Is That Simbhu Nayanthara Had Called up to meet her in a famous five star hotels located across the outskirts of Chennai. 

Nayanthara WHO happily fleeted to That place to meet her boyfriend was waiting at the reception since Simbhu That Had informed her he is on his way to the hotel. But, somehow Nayan got to know That he is still already inside the hotel room in a sticky situation. I am sure you understand what We mean cans? And this made Nayan get away from uterus.

But now, Simbhu has again started his approach for Nayanthara and has been sending constant emails and SMS to Nayan to get her back.

Nayanthara about marriage with prabhu
Nayanthara  had prabhu's  name tattoed on her wrist. 
But Prabhu Deva says that Nayanthara is willing to quit the star-world and ready to spend more time with him and family. It can be noted that Nayanthara's career is at its best now. Her current film has provided her with an opportunity to win acclaim.

It is now time for her to concentrate more upon how to become a good home-maker too.
"Even I heard about my marriage. Isn't that funny? I'm not even in Hyderabad right now. Everyone knows that I am a very open person and when I decide to get married, I will officially announce it to the media. I believe in the institution of marriage and when it happens, it will be with the blessing of my parents. I don't need to do it secretly.
Personal Quotes
* She won the Best Model Award of Kerala in 2002.
* The tamil actress Nayanthara is graduated in Literature.
* Her name 'Nayanthara' means "Eyes like Stars".
* Nayanthara made her film debut in Malayalam film "Manasinakkare", its her favorite film.
* Her hobbies include reading books, listening to music, traveling, seeing new places and long drives.
* Her favorite color is Black.
* She loves North Indian food.
* Nayanthara has split with her boyfriend, actor,director/Silambarasan in 2006.
* Her father was an Air Force Official.
* She worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies.
* The tamil hot actress made a special appearance in the super hit film "Sivaji" through the first song "Ballelakka".
* She is a very good dancer.
* The actress came to limelight in a very short period of time and has become one of the top stars in the Telugu industry.
* She wanted to pursue CA [Charted Accountant] but had to give it up inorder to meet the commitments in the film industry.
* After breaking up with  her boyfriend, actor/director Silambarasan she was guarded by the  security personnel for few months.
* "There is no reason for  this break-up. Anyway I am slowly reconciling myself to life without  Nayanthara. She will not be there with me any longer but God is there  for me! I have to take it in my stride and move on. It's fine with me  though I don't want to issue any statement and hurt her by hitting  back. My feeling for Nayan was genuine" -Silambarasan
* "Being an actress is not  easy. Everything in show business happens in a flash. If your films do  well, everybody is at your doorstep and if a film flops no one bothers  to call you up.
* "I am very sensitive person. When things don't go my way I get upset and immediately it shows on my face.
* "I've begun my career  working with older heroes. The people I had been fan of, I now work  with them. It's a great opportunity for me.
* "God is my biggest  supporter. I am not a fanatic but have a lot of faith and is a God  fearing person. All what I am today is due to God"
* "Yes, we have decided to  go our own way. I will not be doing another film with Simbu in  future.It's an official break up!"
 *    "I've begun my career working with older heroes. The people I had been fan of, I now work with them. It's a great opportunity for me."


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