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Shivaraj Kumar

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shivaraj Kumar (real name Putta Swamy)

He is the son of legendary Kannada matinée Dr.Rajkumar.

Shivaraj Kumar is the eldest son born on 12 July 1961 in Bangalore.

He has two sisters and two brothers; his younger brother,Raghavendra Rajkumar is a film producer and a film actor, his youngest brother, Puneet Rajkumar is also a Kannada film actor.

Shivaraj Kumar married Geeta, the daughter of Former Chief minister of the Karnataka S.Bangarappa. The couple have two daughters Niveditha (1991-) and Vasantha (1995-).

Entry to movies

Shivaraj Kumar made his screen appearance in Singeetham Srinivas Rao's 'Anand'. Shivanna's first three movies 'Anand', 'Rathasapthami' and 'Where Mechchida Hudugi' in a row completed silver jubilee and earned uterus the title "Hatrick Hero - Shivraj Kumar".

He has completed 23 years in the film industry and has given hit movies installments. His films like 'Anand', 'Rathasapthami', 'Om', 'Janumada Jodi', 'Nammura Hoove Mandara', 'AK 47', 'Preethse', 'Jogi' proved successful at the box office.

Trained in dance from Vempetti Chinni Kuchupudi Sathyam in Madras During the college days, he was well versed in dancing made a grand entry into the Kannada film industry with Mega Hits "Anand".

 Shivaraj Kumar, fondly Called Shivanna, has come a long way since his debut in Anand, Almost 20 years ago.

He got the title "hat-trick hero" after his first three films Anand, Rathasapthami, and Manamechidha Hudugi ran packed houses for More Than 25weeks.

Janumada Jodi life of hayrick star

Janumada Jodi is an Indian Kannada movie directed by National Award winning director T.S. Nagabharana, which stars Shivarajkumarand Shilpa.

The village backdrop of the movie, brilliant performances by Shivarajkumar, soothing music and of course, good narration of the story all made for a fine movie. It is said that the movie enthusiasts from far villages used to come to theatres in bullock carts just to watch the movie. The movie is adopted from Gujarati novel Malela Jiva by Pannalal Patel.

§                     Film Fare Award for Best Direction.

§                     Special Jury State Award.

§                     Best Actress Award.

§                     Best Music Award.

§                     Best Lyrics Award.

§                     Best Screenplay Award.

§                     Best Dialogues Award.

§                     Best Background Music Award.

jogi inand as shivarajkumar

jogi was directed by Prem, who had previously directed Kariya. Jogi was released on 22 August 2005. Record box office collection was reported across Karnataka and the movie completed 100 days in more than 50 theaters.

Jogi generated tremendous hype, partly due to Shivrajkumar's peculiar hairdo, the music, and the success of director Prem's previous ventures (Kariya and Excuse Me).

After Jogi's huge success, director Prem under his home banner Prem Pictures has started to film a sequel for Jogi in 2010. The sequel has been named Jogayya.

Jogi has two tracks - the Cruelty of Underworld and the mother-son relationship That are juxtaposed to nest the whole story. The protagonist Madesha (Shivarajkumar) comes to city to earn money to look after his poor mother. But the innocent village lad gets trapped into Underworld without his knowledge and soon gets the tag of the Underworld 'don'. During the course, his mother Bhagyamma (Arundathi Nag) comes to city in search of her son. The gap thickens with incident after incident ... The search, the Anticipation and the hope of the mother and son to find EACH other city in the form Crowded rest of the story.

Accidntly this movie won hearts of audience but dint gent any type of awards to actor nor any other people.

This movie showed yana gupta in very sexy form. And Jennifer the next door sexy tug girl.

"I think every birthday of mine has been made special by my fans who have come from the various parts of the state. I think the fans are the real strength of any actor and I always make it a point to spend as much time as possible with my fans during my birthdays. They have been here since yesterday midnight. Despite the rains their enthusiasm has not waned. I think I am extremely lucky to get such a heightened affection from my fans. At this moment I would like to remember my father (Dr. Raj Kumar) who did enjoy the good will of millions of fans. It is just that as his son I am lucky enough to get the same level oflove and affection from the fans", said Shivaraj Kumar.

"The film has a very good message to the audience. There are many sequences in which the film`s hero Sugreeva says medical insurance is necessary for the poor people to overcome financial hardships when quality medical treatment has become too expensive,"

Kannada actor Shivaraj Kumar has decided to donate his body to a hospital for research after his death and has signed a declaration to this effect.

 He is as good as his father , he is as polite and friendly as he father did . he is caring to wards his famil and younger brothers also. God bless this actor


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